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4k EP Project continues...

Things are really starting to come along ... I spent most of this morning on
my knees, wearing rubber gloves and using paint stripper to get the remnants
of glue/mastic off the floor of my car.  I also started scraping seam sealer
out of the joints in preparation for seam welding ... looks like I should be
able to have the car ready for painting by my self-imposed deadline of 12/31
after all.

I'm undecided as to how far I should go in lightening the car ... I'm afraid
if I cut up the doors too much, they will become flimsy and lose their shape
like the ones on my BMW (I'd like to use the standard door handles/locks for
security reasons.  I'd also like to cut out the bumper boxes in the trunk as
they look pretty heavy but I'm not sure this is legal per the revised rules.
I'm not sure it's strictly legal to cut out the sunroof frame, either, but I
guess it's too late now (BTW, this is a REAL pain to do without creasing the
external roof panel ... I'll bet it took me 10 hours of cutting/grinding and
cursing to accomplish.)  The legal minimum weight for this car is 1865lb. so
I'll probably have to add some ballast regardless of what I do.  Oh, well...

I'll try to have the film developed this weekend and send you photos ... I'd
have done it today except the store was closed (something about a holiday or
some such nonsense!).

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