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Re: Audi Gods and Mailing

> Just for the record, while I realize that honge@creighton.edu was 
> probably joking when making the suggestion that one should "Pray 
> to the Audi God and mail bomb the U.S. Audi headquarters." - there 
> is ZERO, ZED, NO humor in such a remark.

    I think ya oughta relax!  I'm sure he meant deluge them with
    lots of pieces of mail encouraging them to do something.

    For us computer geek types, the term "mail bomb" isn't new.
    The term refers to making sure somebody gets about 243 pieces
    of email in their mailbox telling them they's transgressed
    in some manner.  Fer example, somebody who posted one of the
    "MAKE MONEY FAST" scams to the quattro list would deserve
    to get about six LARGE pieces of email from everybody on the

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