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Re: Mail Bombing

In a message dated 95-11-24 20:58:00 EST, Honge writes:

>Just for the record, while I realize that honge@creighton.edu was probably 
>joking when making the suggestion that one should "Pray to the Audi God and
>bomb the U.S. Audi headquarters." - there is ZERO, ZED, NO humor in such a 
I think "honge" meant to imply that people should inundate the U.S. Audi
headquarters with letters stating their wishes, not actually send a "bomb" in
the mail. I think he used the term "mail bomb" as in the sense of "bombing"
the headquarters with mail... (ie "bomb" being used as a verb...)

Well, that is the way I interpreted it... but I can see how it *could* be
interpreted otherwise.

(And yes, BTW, I agree, there is no humor in mass violence...)

Honge.. do you agree?

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