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Re: AAaahhhhh

I think even if your car is not equipped with California emission you can
still license it in California. Earlier this year my sister moved from
Honolulu to Northern California for an engineering job, she shipped her
89' VW Jetta to California. We were not sure if the car was equipped
with CA emission so we went to the DMV to find out how to license an
out of state car. Well, if your car is not federalize and/or CA emission
equipped then you pay an additional $300 for what they called environmental
impact fee, it's a one time fee. It turned out her car is CA emission 
equipped so she only need to pay the normal license and re-title fee( you
get a new California title).

Even after the smog test you still need another inspection at the DMV. This 
is the inspection which determine whether you need to pay that additional
$300 environmental impact fee.

Anthony Chan

> Subject: Re: AAaahhhhh
> To: astork@cts.com (Alan Stork)
> Date: Sat, 25 Nov 95 16:14:53 MST
> From: "Steven Barnes" <sbarnes@acs.ucalgary.ca>
> > 
> > I've had an 86 Audi Quattro Avant for a couple of months now and I can't
> > drive it. I am bummed!! The reason is that the local smog stations can't
> > smog it since it's a Canadian Vehicle. But it's the same stinking car that
> > they brought here to the US. I'm going to the referee station next week and
> > they'll let me know if its possible to bring the car into California.
> > 
> Isn't he '86 5000CD Quattro Wagon (Canadian designation for the
> 5kQTW, you do have a turbo don't you???) the same as the USA
> 5000CS Quattro Wagon, built for 49-state emissions.  Good luck,
> the Californians are geeks when it comes to out-of-state
> vehicles.  
> Steve