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Re: ovloV S4?

>OK,  what's the deal with this new Volvo S4?  Doesn't that >model name sound
>bit too familiar?  Seems that Volvo has decided to go Audi (and
> Mercedes-Benz,  Lexus,  Infiniti,  et al) by naming its mobile >boxes with
>letter [S=sedan,  C=coupe,  F=station wagon (flexibility?)] Has >the entire
automotive world gone
>alpha-numeric?  Now what will Audi call the sport version of >the A4?  Any
In reference to the 4,6+9 numbers(such as in the 850, 940, 960), let me set
the record straight:
The first number indicates the series(7,8,or 9 series, for example) and the
second number indicates the number of cylinders in the engine, beleive it or
not.  The 850(all models) had a 5-cylinder engine, the 940 has a four
cyclinder, and the 960 has a 6 cylinder.  I believe they are all DOHC
I don't know about the new volvo out-haven't even seen it yet..I guess they
decided to change their numbering system when they ran out of numbers with
the 960....

Brett Dikeman
'87 5kCST