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FullTime Lights


In your recent q-digest posting, your raised good point about what the stats
will actually show in few years about the success of Full-Time lights
reducing accidents.

A call to someone like your local utility company might yield some info from
stats they've gathered from the service fleet safety records.

I believe that P.G.&E. (officially, that stands for "Pacific Gas &
Electricity", but locals know it as "P. Graft & Extortion") in California
started running all of their service trucks with headlights on all the time,
many years ago perportedly because their stats had demonstrated a reduction.
 They also recommended to their drivers operating on congested city streets,
that they make 3 right turns, rather than 1 left turn...

Anyone seen some actual stats?

Mike White's info was interesting about drivers inadvertantly relying on the
DRL's in the evening..... I'll stick to turning my own lights on, day or
night (as I mentioned previous in previous posting, I always turn my lights
on since '69).

Later, Larry