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Laser in New hampshire

For NH drivers:

In a recent thread on radar detectors it was mentioned that NH wasn't 
using laser. Well, I got "shot by the laser" on Thanksgiving day.
Traveling north on route 93 near exit 6. I was in the left lane passing
slow traffic (typical Audi position) when the Laser warning on my
four band detector went off. Kind of startled me because I've never
encountered laser before. Fortunately I hadn't passed the lead car in the 
right lane and just slowed down. Under a bridge were two state police cars.
They had a rectangular box on a tripot and one officer was "sighting"
down it.

So we NH drivers have something new to watch for.

Does a laser unit have to be outside the car and on a tripot? Cold weather
is coming to NH. Maybe they won't be using it too much  ;-)

'86 4000CS Quattro