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Mo' Tire stuff.......

Ok Guys and Girls,

Its time to solicit for Tire Advice for the Wife's 89 100 Avant,  It's currently
about a 3rd of tread left of the old Pirelli P500's that were on the 89 100

These have decent snow/wet/dry traction but they are kinda loud.

Her requirements are Quiteness probably above anything else :-)  The next thing
would be traction in the snow, rain etc....  Dry gumball traction is not
here :-)

I've seen recommendations for Dunlop D40/M2 ?, and Comp T/A V rated, anybody
try these in H rated ? loud or quiet ?

Any and all recommendations are appreciated :-)

Happy Holidays!!

Mike L.
89 100 Avant
90 V8Q

P.S.  The V8Q has brand new Eagle GA 215/60/15s on it,  they are very quiet,
        now how they are in the snow ?  I might possibly put these on the wagon
and go for
        some 225 series tires for the V8 :-)  can I get away with 225s on the V8