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Re: wiring a radar detector

At 10:29 AM 11/27/95, Dan Simoes wrote:
>There are 2 neat ways of hardwiring a detector in a 4000/80/90 etc.
>One is to run a wire from under the dash, up inside the driver's
>side A pillar cover, to the visor, and put the detector there, or
>if you want it centrally mounted, you can run a wire inside the
>headliner about 1 foot to the power sunroof harness (I just
>did this in my 4000).  Both are effective, clean ways of doing
>this.  Forget the hatchet job on the dash, etc, and have someone
>do it if you don't think you can handle it.

I thought somebody tried to wire it to the volt supply for the lights in
the visor vanity mirror...was that you, Dan?  Any problems w/that?  I think
they're live all the time.


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