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Re: $%^&in' Drivers window - 5kS

At 11:01 AM 11/27/95 -0500, you wrote:
>When Ann was in Iowa over the summer, my (her, whatever) '84 5kS decided to
>play the "drivers window will go down but not up) trick.  I was in DC and

( stuff deleted )

>up?  I don't want it fixed, I just want it shut.  The sunroof pulled this stunt
>about eight months ago, so I got it shut then ripped out the wires to the
>switch so Ann couldn't open it by accident.  I'll plan on doing the same thing
>with this window, but I won't be in Colorado 'till '96, and it needs to get
>shut before then!!!  Many thanks to anyone with ideas!!!

I can give you my experience from an '86 CSTQ

I first had the intermittant sunroof+windows problem, solved by resoldering
the internal relay pins to the circuit board inside the "relay" housing.

Two years later the drivers side window played the "down only" trick 
intermittantly, till it got pretty unreliable. The soldering trick
( on the relay that holds the motor running down ) did'nt help, but
cleaning the relay contacts has fixed it for the last two months.

For the non-mechanically inclined, the best would be to replace the
black relay, second from the right, in the middle row, just to the
left of the steering column. Don't have the Bentley to tell you
what it is called....

If I remember, the main relay that keeps power windows+sunroof alive for
a while ( till you open the driver's door ) is YELLOW. This one is the
next one on the right, ( at least on my car ).

Alan Cordeiro

P.S. A more immediate solution is to pull the drivers switch assembly out,
and feed a battery positive to the wire that goes to the motor. The color
is given in Bentley, I used this trick two or three times... and finally
left the wire harness "off" the window switch till I fixed the problem.