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Mo Mo Tire Stuff.....


Whilst waiting for net advice I called Tire Rack......  Here is what Scott
at Tire Rack say's.....

His recommendation.....

"Bridgestone Turanza as quitest tire, not as good as P500 in snow" 

"Bridgestone Potenza RE930, quiter than P500, not as quite as Turanza,
  but comparabe to P500 in snow."

"D40M2 great dry weather tire, not great in snow.....quiter than P500"

"D60A2 good dry weather tire, better in snow, quiter than P500"

"Eagle GA, comparable to potenza, but more expensive "

"Michelin, suck in snow."

Is he close ?

Scott alias PDQSHP, made a recommendation for the D40M2 tires a while back,
How are they in the snow Scott ?  remember these tires are for an 89 100 Avant
No quattro, just front wheel drive......

For real nasty weather we now have the V8Q with Eagle GAs.........  our concern
or should I say my wifes concern is she wants them to be quiet.  She hates the 
noisy P500s that are on their now.  

Mike L.