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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #587

Jesse mentioned:
>Anyone know of a good product to use to "re-black" my Coupe GT's rear
>spolier?  I use ArmorAll religiously but the sunbleaching process has started
>to begin (though ever so slowly.)  

I think Eagle1 car care products makes a "blackening" stuff for bumpers,
spoilers, etc.  

>Also,  does anyone know of a product that reduces reflections on windshields? 
>In the morning, when I drive southbound
>into direct sunlight and down a tree lined street, my dashboard reflects on
>the windshield so badly it's as if someone was shining a strobe light in my
>face.  It's like a crazy psychedelic light show.  In other words, I am
>temporarily blinded.  Not a good thing.

Have you tried the new "low-gloss" version of Armor All?  I recently bought
some but have not yet tried it.  It is supposed to cut down on the
reflection problems...

-Lou M.
Bethlehem, PA
88 80 Quattro
72 Datsun 240Z (3.0L toy)