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30-70 times for the OOOOWWW-D

I managed to get a few runs in before the cop pulled me over and then 
the Rad fan killed my battery (please see other post).  Luckily the cop 
let me go when I told him what I was doing and that I would head 
directly home.

The car is an 86 4KQ with 101k miles.  The mods are as follows:
1.  K&N air filter
2.  Richened fuel mixture
3.  Timing advanced to max factory spec.
4.  Updated valve lifters (not really a performance mod)
5.  2.75 inch pipe from cat to 2 chamber Flowmaster (loud)
6.  Alisyn Performance Synthetic Oil

The car is noticably faster than before the mods.

The average 30-70 time in third gear was 10.1 seconds.  The best 
reading I got was 9.7 seconds.  I was running 93 octane fuel and the 
temperature was 48 degrees F.

I have not seen other posts, how does it compare?

Steven Verona