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RE: back to black

Jesse asks:
>Anyone know of a good product to use to "re-black" my Coupe GT's rear
>spolier?  I use ArmorAll religiously but the sunbleaching process has started
>to begin (though ever so slowly.)  Also,  does anyone know of a product that
>reduces reflections on windshields? In the morning, when I drive southbound
>into direct sunlight and down a tree lined street, my dashboard reflects on
>the windshield so badly it's as if someone was shining a strobe light in my
>face.  It's like a crazy psychedelic light show.  In other words, I am
>temporarily blinded.  Not a good thing.

To this I say DITTO!. I made the mistake a few years ago of "ArmorAllin'" my
dashboard. My windshield became a HUD(heads up display) gone BAD! If the sun
was right I could barely see through it. I got some of the "lowgloss" ArmorAll
but the problem is still very bad. Jesse's problem is with a Coupe GT, mine is
with a 5KCSQ so many of us must be experiencing this problem; OR a lot of us
aren't trying to protect our dashboards. Has anyone found a solution to
protecting the dash and still being able to see out the windshield?

Also, I bought my '87 5KCSQ with a black FOHA spoiler(from Austria); I've never
seen another in this country, except for Ned Ritchie, who appears to have
painted his white. I've tryed "Black Again", Westley's "Black Magic" and
ArmorAll "Low Gloss", all look good for about two weeks then get dull and leave
grey drip marks when it rains, they do this with the sideview mirrors also. A
few year ago there was some stuff called "BlackWax" for black bumpers, etc.,
but I haven't seen it for some time. Has anyone found anything that works in
these exterior situations?

BTW, I have seen these FOHA spoilers in Norway, but on non-Pearl White cars.
They look good in black on the pearl cars with their other black trim; kinda
"ho-hum" on the non-pearl cars. This raises another question: in my travel in
northern Europe and Oceania(NZed and OZ,etc.) I've never seen a Pearl White
Audi; it an option they only offer in North America?