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Re: Slushing the 30-70 test

In a message dated 95-11-27 17:31:49 EST, you write:

>The ole V8 is pretty quick here :-)  I've done it about a half dozen times
>for scientific reasons of course :-)
>90 V8, Automatic 30-70:
>Shifter in E (Economy) Mode,  steady 30, Mash it..... it downshifts to 1st,
>throws your head back, shifts into 2nd,  and you hit 70 about 6 seconds
>later .... YYEEEHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!  the sound the V8 makes it while doing
>this is great!
>Shifter in M (Manual) Mode,  steady 30, Put it in 2nd, Mash it, is stays
>in 2nd, the revs climb and you hit 70 in just under 7 seconds......
>S (Sport) Mode is the same as E Mode when you Mash it.
>Boy that was fun :-)  anybody got some more scientific experiments they

.... Yea that's cheating with the slush tho......  C&D has the same type of
loaded results in top gear accel times favor the autos.......    Anyone have
a 5spd V8 to put this in perspective for 3rd gear only?  Hmmmmm....  knew
someone would try to change the rules:~)