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Re[2]: Bose Base,

     Hmmm...my VW Heidelberg model does not appear to have
     R-L balance ( it has a front rear control) but if you
     pull on the volume knob, it pulls out and you can set
     right left. No indication of this in the instructions
     that came with the car, we just discovered it by accident.

     May, or may not, be relevant.

     Tom F.
     90 200 TQW IA Stage I
     90 Syncro Westie

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Subject: Re: Bose Base,
Date:    11/21/95 10:30 AM

>     I had several BOSE radios, including non-Audi ones, and none of them
>     have had left-right balance.  What you pay for is a radio that has
>     been created and tuned for your car.  If there was a left-right
>     balance, the radio would not be tuned for your car.  I promise you,
>     they left out the left-right balance control on purpose!

German engineering arrogance at its worst!  "You vill do vhat vee vant and
you vill like it!"

Does it not occur to these golden-eared audioists that MAYBE I'd like to hear
something a bit different than them?  Like perhaps when I'm driving 500 miles
and am spending the Interstate time trying to learn the lyrics to a song that
has the singer mostly on one channel?  Or trying to hear a counter-point that
is played mostly on one channel?  Or trying to tone-down a really Wagnerian

For $700, I'd like MY preference to override theirs when I want it to.

- Carl D.