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Re: S6 and A8

I think I should qualify that statement by saying that the 20V-turbo 5
should run clean enough to meet California emissions, but 1996 California
emissions laws requires cars to be equipped with a standard engine
diagnostic connector and fault memory dump capability.  The Audi V6
engines were modified to meet this requirement by apparently Audi decided
to skip the 20V-turbo 5, likely due to low volumes and development
cost reasons.


Tom Forhan writes:
>      The five cylinder turbo engine cannot meet 1996 model emission
>      specs. They also failed the 1995 California tests, so
>      you could not get one there this year (possibly in Mass as well).
>      Seems the five is at the end of its development life, at least
>      here in the US. Is the S6 still going to be available in Europe?
>      I'll bet the magazine transposed the 3 and 4 in the price paid -
>      $43K seems about right, unless they really could not move them,
>      $34 is 8 grand below  dealers cost. On the other hand, if they did
>      have to price S6 at $34K to move them, thats why we wont see
>      many more super sporty Audis.
>      Tom F.
>      90 200 TQW IA Stage I
>      90 Syncro Westie
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> Subject: S6 and A8
> Date:    11/23/95 12:29 PM
> Recently, I have read that Audi will stop importing the S6 to the
> U.S. because the arrival of the A8, and that the A8 will serve as
> the flagship Audi.  Does this apply only to the U.S.?  It seems to
> me that both cars will appeal to a different market segmant:  S6 to
> the sport sedan group and the A8 to the luxury sedan group.  Why is
> Audi pulling the plug on the S6?
>      (snip)
> One last thing, in the last Autoweek, they had an owners survey of
> S6 owners.  One of the questions that was asked was:  How much did
> you pay.  According to the survey the average was about $34k.  I am
> sure that this was a misprint, but if others have relavent info
> please respond, because I might be in the market for a new one right
> now!
> Randall Markarian
> 1990 V8 Quattro

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