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couple of simple (?) 4kq questions. UrQ timing

Have a couple of questions that are bothering me that hopefully someone 
can help me with.

Car: '85 4000sq, 89K miles, Had an easy life..

1)between 40-45 mph I get a front end "humm' that almost sounds like a 
whistle.  I figured it was wheel bearings, so I did them this weekend. 
Guess what, its still there. DEFINATLEY coming from the front... It was 
suggested CV joint, but im not totally convinced yet. Also.. it SEEMS to 
go away after long run.... bearing? gear whine?? ideas???

2) Second gear is real notchy when the tranny is cold, almost grinds.... 
When the tranny is warm, its just fine!!  Would redline help this out? If 
so, would it be the same for my 90 and the wife's 80 (she has a notchy 
second as well)

UrQ Questions

1) What other brakes can be retrofitted to the front and rear? Preferably 
4 piston calipers. Already have the dual piston 5ktq but...  :)  BMW 525???

2) I mentioned that I changed the timing on the UrQ to compensate for the 
cam because it was running so crappy (carppily??) A few wrote back and 
said "hey, the computer changes your timing!"  Well... All I know is that 
It ran awfull, screwed with the timing (@ distributer) and it ran much 
better. When I finally got it optimum, it wouldnt start on the cold 
morning. I backed it down a little and it was fine. In my book (and 
limited knowledge of the UrQ computer...) thats timing... Im open for 
creative suggestions (and verbal abuse).....  I know about the reference 
marks on flywheel etc.... but the distributer certainly had SOMETHING to 
do with it....!

Thanks all, sorry for being so verbose.


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