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Re: wiring a radar detector

In a message dated 95-11-27 11:18:55 EST, you write:

>I thought somebody tried to wire it to the volt supply for the lights in
>the visor vanity mirror...was that you, Dan?  Any problems w/that?  I think
>they're live all the time.

I posted that one (refers to 87 5kcsTQ). The wire I used is not live all the
time,not visor vanity. Wired into the overhead console (sunroof switch or
overhead light) - it's on that circuit that shuts off about 20 seconds after
shutdown, or until someone opens front door. I should have my car back in
about a week-I'll check exactly which and post it. Did it 8 (yikes!!! :~O)
years ago. Does not turn Passport off/on when operating sunroof-someone
posted this as a possible problem.

Mike Aiello