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Re[2]: Vanagon Synchro's/v6

     Whoa! Vanagon brushfire on the Audi list! Stamp it out!

     This topic is under very serious discussion on
     the Vanagon list. Several Syncro Vanagon owners are pursuing it.
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     I will respond, however, to several comments and questions
     brought up in the several postings on the topic here.

     911 Engines: Martin Schneider is still selling his kits, and has
     one installed in a Syncro Vanagon. Fits in original space
     with no mods, but only 3.2l motors, earlier are too tall.  Cost with
     engine about $10K. Problem: requires transmission rebuild every 18
     mos! Problem: No heat (aircooled engine in a formerly watercooled van
     (all Syncros are watercooled). Could possibly be addressed by putting
     oil coolers into the heating system: oil heat!

     Ottinger: Has a kit to bring the 4 cyl 2.1l  wasserboxers up to 2.5l,
     plus the fabled 6 cyl 180 hp unit ($30K!), but will not install
     the six in syncros because they cannot handle the power.

     Diesels: Several shops have discovered that the Diesel Vanagons will
     take a Golf gas engine more or less directly. Minor problem: Diesel
     Vanagons never came with air, and a retrofit (if its something you
     want)is difficult. No Syncros are Diesels.

     Audi: Five cylinder engines, nice and bulletproof, will fit in the bay
     lengthwise.  Actually, VW sold some vanagons with VAG 5 cyl engines
     outside the US. We are trying to find out more and actually attempt
     this conversion.

     Tom F.
     90 Syncro Westie
     90 Audi 200 TQW IA Stage I

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Subject: Re: Vanagon Synchro's/v6
Date:    11/20/95 10:21 PM

>Road & Track (I think it was) wrote up an air-cooled Vanagon that the
>folks (I think it was) schlepped a porsche 911 SC engine into (thats the 3.2
>liter 6 cyl boxer engine - no V's need apply - yet, though soon, I guess)
>that moved along quite nicely...

There have been a number of Vanagon/911 conversions--the R&T article
described a Porsche factory effort (they needed a parts/chase vehicle that
could keep up with their r&d mule in the desert, i seem to recall).  Here in
the US, Martin Schneider Engineering (somewhere in So. California--sorry, no
info available--they also do a lot of other P-car stuff and advertise in
Panorama, the PCA magazine) makes kits that allow adapting the 3.2 Carrera
engine (with full DME electronics) to the Vanagon chassis.  BTW, the 911 SC
used a 3.0 engine.