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Stuck Clutch pedal


Re: your clutch pedal, I had similar troubles with my '87 5kCQ 5spd ~ 3 yr

Could be an adjustment on the clutch petal "adjusting fork" (my Bentley
manual for '84-'88 in section 30.6 deals with this).  It is a "U" shaped
bracket which pivots/hangs from the lower side of the clutch pedal up near
the clutch pedals hinge on the pedal assembly.  The shaft from the clutch
cylinder enters the bottom of that bracked and is adjusted by a nut on the
threaded shaft of the clutch cylinder.  The nut should be adjusted such that
the clutch pedal is 10mm higher than the brake pedal.  Make sure that the
pedal assembly pivot shaft is lubricated too, and that the return spring (in
a housing vaguely resembles the spring loaded shaft in one's toilet paper
mounting) isn't jamming or broken.

(following suggested by my mechanic when I was experiencing similar
difficulties which turned to be the 10mm adjustment discribed above... I'm a
little dubious about this...).  If the above don't do the trick, it could be
that the clutch is worn sufficiently that the pressure plate has to go
over-center to disingage the clutch and so won't return.  My understanding of
the physics (leverage) of the pressure plate is that that would occur with a
clutch plate that was too thick (read too new) rather than a clutch plate
that was too thin (read too worn)...

Good Luck

Larry, '87 5kCQ 5spd