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RE: back to black

On the thread on the wonderful effects of Armor-All...

I switched to Turtle-wax "Clearguard" for car interiors a long time ago 
because of the downside in using Armor-all...The milky residue, the 
tacky sheen...the short life before the next application is required...

The "Clearguard" goes on clear..(gee, is that how they picked the name for this
product?) and seems to last alot longer, and the gloss that it leaves behind
is acceptable...Now if it only had some anti-static properties....

At my brother's suggestion, and somewhat reluctantly, I tried "No Touch"
tire dressing on the external black rubber and plastic. This product is
similar to hair styling "Mousse", you spray it on, and it turns into a foam,
which is slowly absorbed by the rubber/plastic.  My coupe quattro
has alot of black plastic trim on the lower part of the bumpers, and on the 
rocker panels, from wheel well to wheel well.

After washing the car and scrubbing the wheels, I dry the body with a chamois,
and spray "No touch" on the tires, and on the black panels, as well as the
grille.  It leaves a semi-gloss finish to the plastic and seems to last 
a few weeks. Best of all, application takes 5 minutes, and no dirty leftover


Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q