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Re: Back to Black and other questions

     I've been lurking on the list for the past few days with interest.
     Being a new Audi owner (used, actually) I've decided to add my $0.02

     Re: reconditioning the trim around the windows.

     I've found one way to permanently fix faded trim is to remove / mask
     it off and repaint it. A good quality semi-gloss black usually works.

     For the soft plastic surfaces try "Liquid Glass" - It does not leave a
     slippery residue like "Armor All" and does not make it shiny either.

     My question for the list is: I just bought an '85 4K-CS. It has the
     full electric windows/locks/s-roof etc package, but the engine is only
     a 4-cyl. Not that I'm feeling ripped off, but can anyone tell me if
     that is the correct engine for this model year? Someone told me that
     all -CS's came with the 5-cyl??


     - JL