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Drillling the air box?

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Hey all,

My friends are German car enthusiasts (BMW's, Porsche's, VW's, and Audi's), 
and they are encouraging me to drill big holes in the airbox on my 86 4kcs 
quattro. My friend did it on an 86 GTI Golf and swears it made a difference 
in HP, he also installed a K&N (as I will be doing this weekend). 

Any comments on this. The idea seems a bit extreme to me, but then I know 
about crap.

Oh I did a 30-60 (couldn't get to 70 and still make my turn) and it came 
out at about 8 seconds (stock car, about 48 degrees, high humidity, at 
about 500 feet above sea level). Of course, I don't have stock tires, and I 
don't trust my speedo as far as I can throw it, so the time is really no