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Re: V-6 performance upgrades

>	Here's one more person asking for advice on performance upgrades.
>I'd like to get the low-mid range torque of my '93 90csq V6 increased.
>I've been looking at chips, K&N filter + throttle body mod (as advertised 
>everywhere for $350), and true dual exhaust. I haven't been able to get any 
>hard numbers for the torque/bhp improvements for any of these mods except 
>for the chip ("up to" +22bhp, "up to"? - depending on what?). 
>I'd appreciate any information/experiences you all have.

Well all of the mods that you are looking at will help your HP up on top 
but not really low-end torque.  Chips don't really work on the Atmo cars. 
 The K&N is good for maybe 5 HP's on top.  The TB Mod sure sounds neat 
but even the guy who does the mod at Schamberg is'nt really sure that it 
makes a big difference.  Dual exhaust will kill any bottom-end torque 
that you have.   More Torque requires more displacement.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com