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Re: Say What? The E is What?

> >But that new e-class? GOD that thing's FUGLY! From the front it looks like an 
> >overweight neon!
> >Yeeeeeeuck!
> >-glen
> You've got to be kidding!!  You need to check your glasses, man!!   The neon
> doesn't even come to mind when I look at the E. Have you seen one live?
> Have you sat in it?  Have you driven it?  It is an extroardinary automobile!
> Gary

Sorry to say but even Neon and Celica is more soothing to the eye than 
the new E-class. From the front, E-class looked like someone put 48x16 
plywood on the front and drilled holes for grills and the lights. Most 
MBs are not famed for "excellent" styling, but this E-class IMO is one of 
the ugliest of all. Apart from styling, it IS MB inside and in the 

Personally, I'd say lose that bug eyes. Why are we suddenly talking MBs 
and VWs all the sudden?

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