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Re: V8 Q's

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Brooks Ellis wrote:

>   I am looking ( do I _EVER_ stop looking?!? ) now at 90 and 91 V8 Quattros.

>   First, What are the major differences between the 90 and 91 V8 Q's? I am
> interested in the one with the bigger engine.. :) 

the bigger engine comes with the 92 model onwards.

if you can't find/afford the 91 5 speed, either go with the 92 or later
or the 90.

the 91 slush is IMO the least desirable of all the V8s.

major differences:

- final drive ratio raised from 4.11 to 3.73.  people are already
complaining that the 3.6 liter + slush + 4.11 final drive is too high.
this goes in the wrong direction.  i'm sure the mentality was that
we've catered to the lead foots with the 5 speed, so let's make a
reeel luxo barge with the slush version.

- servotronic added.  competition for acura numbness.  'nuff said.
this is easily unplugged tho... but then you will be carrying around
crap that you really don't want.

the above two are the worst "features".

- sports bucket seats replaced with seats for the gravitationally
(but not financially) challenged.

- higher price

- BBS alloy wheels instead of the ronals (?)

>   Secondly, how can I tell if it has the upgraded tranny software? 

car stationary, stick the selector in "M", select "3" and gently
accelerate away.  if the tranny goes thru a quick 1-2-3 shift, it has
the new software.  if it just churns in 3 (as documented) it has the
old software, which is far less responsive to your right foot.

> upgraded (downgraded?) brakes? do some have these 'internal calipers' and
> some do not?

eyeball it.  if it looks like regular discs, it has the modified brakes.
if it looks like the wheels are just hubcaps covering steel wheels
beneath, it's the internal caliper stuff.

> Is there anything else I should watch out for on these cars?

with 3000-3500 rpm in second accelerate hard and see if the power is
delivered smoothly or in a somewhat uneven manner.  if it is not
smooth you need a new OXS.

haggle for an extended warranty before you actually purchase the car.
insist on counting it in as the total price.  it will come in handy
if the car does not have too many miles already.