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Good winter tires..

Since the season is here in full force (in Edmonton, anyway), and the topic
has taken the list's attention for a few posts, I'd like to add my two
bits.  I am the last person to endorse Goodyear products, and I would never
have boughten any, but my situation prompted me to look past my instincts
and try something different.  A friend of ours owns a Goodyear outlet
(Fountain Tire) and after I asked him for a good winter tire and asked
about the Blizzaks, he said the following...
Blizzaks are great for about 5000 km, and then, when the microcells wear
down, you're left with a mediocre all season.  So, he said, try the new
Eagle GW.  If you don't like it after a month, we'll take it off and throw
on your old tires free of charge.  So, I couldn't resist.  The whole time I
was wondering why he'd make me a seemingly infeasible offer like that.  But
when I got my car back after a couple of hours, I knew.  These tires are
the best winter tire I have ever had, or have driven (on any car).  They
seen to  be based loosely on the Aquatred pattern, but they are much more
aggressive.  Has anyone else had a chance to try them?  I think they are
the perfect complement for a quattro system.  (Of course, I'm assuming they
work fine on a FWD car.)  Let me know if you've had similar/dissimilar
experiences please.

Tom Sedens

'91 20V QC

Necronomicon II, Sin.Th.Sys
"Five to one,
 One to five,
 No one gets out here alive."
                        - Jim Morrison