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Majordomo instructions (was: No subject)

Majordomo writes (wow!):

>The quattro list is a moderate volume list.  AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy
>users please note - your mailbox may overfill.  This happens quite a bit.
>If it does happen often, you will be dropped from the list.  If you are
>paying per message received, you will do better with the digest instead
>(or will you?  actually data size should be the same.  hmmm)

Since the headers get downloaded for EACH message (on AOL, at least), you can
save LOTS of download time with the digest, especially when there's a whole
bunch of little itty bitty messages.

BTW Dan--thanks for sending this out again--let's just hope our friends who
really need this info read it and don't just blindly delete.