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Re: Say What? The E is What?

I actually think it reminds me of the MB seden from the 50's or 60's
when they had the similar 2 large and 2 small headlights arrangement. 
You guys can laugh at me but I think MB is trying to resurrect one of
their classic look. I saw the car at the Seattle International Auto
Show, I really think it looks kind of nice especially in silver metallic.
I still think as least for me I wouldn't mistaken it for anything other
than an MB. 

Let see whether Lexus is going to copy the MB look like they did with
the LS400. Maybe it's MB way to discourage copy cat :) 

Anthony Chan
> >You've got to be kidding!!  You need to check your glasses, man!!   The neon
> >doesn't even come to mind when I look at the E. Have you seen one live?
> >Have you sat in it?  Have you driven it?  It is an extroardinary automobile!
> Yes, Yes, No. Probably true.  It's still a FLC (Funny Looking Car)
> 2 more pennies.
> --linus