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Voltage Drops? 5kTQ

Sittin' in traffic last night on the way home, all of a sudden the idle dropped
from it's typical 1,000 to about 500 RPM's.  Gun it, let off the gas, dropped
like a brick straight down to 500.  Had the climate control on, noticed that
the idle didn't really change much when the A/C compressor kicked in, and I
checked the idle stabilizer, it was workin' fine (at least the computer said it
was.)  Started messin' with some other things, used the A/C control head to
check my voltage.  11.1!  No wonder!  I've had a loose alternator belt for
about three days now, whenever she's cold her belt squeels like a stuck pig,
but the noise goes away after it's warm, plus the alternator DOES work...  Not
too sure what to do, just kept drivin' & prayed the car wouldn't die.  Had
dinner w/ some friends and after dinner I came back out to see if the car would
start.  Sure 'nuff, cranked right over, idled right at it's typical 1,000
RPM's.  Checked the voltage, sittin' pretty at 13.4/13.5.  Hmmmmm.  Turn on the
lights (stock crap, nothing auxilliary (yet)), car phone & radio (again, stock
crap,) voltage drops a little.  Turn on the climate control, fan kicks on,
voltage plunged to about 12.1.  Cute.  So, is this a shot voltage regulator?
 Alternator totally done?  The biggest drop in voltage occurs when the climate
control is on, and the amount of drop is VERY dependant on how fast the heater
blower motor is spinning.  The blower motor sounds fine, no nasty noises or
anything, and it still blows gale force, so I don't _think_ that has anything
to do with it, but who knows...  Does anybody have a clue as to what this could
be?  Many TIA...

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)