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first snow!

Well, NY just got its first snow.  Suddenly all the hassles with
my 84 4000sq seem worthwhile :).  Around the first corner, my
tail slid out, and I was reminded that quattros are subject to
the same laws of physics as other cars, just like the recent
owners manuals state!  It was a great drive in, averaged 45mph or
so in 2-4 inches of snow, passing (carefully) all sorts of cars
including Blazers, Jeeps, etc.

When I got down to work I went to a large empty parking lot and
played around for a bit, trying to get a feel for the car, its
handling, etc.  Braking is much improved with the center diff
locked, of course, but it was interesting to round a corner quickly,
have the rear slide out, countersteer slightly and apply throttle
to straighten it out.

Of course, this is old hat to most quattro drivers by now, but
you can picture the grin on my face this morning :)
Definitely doing some QCUSA event next year.  Heck, I may even join!

| Dan |
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