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Re: Fogging Windows

> This morning, while driving to work, the windows (yes, ALL of the windows)
> in my '88 5KS suddenly fogged up!  It seemed to take less than a minute.  I
> had the climate control set to *auto* at  68 degrees and I was driving at
> about 50mph in snowy conditions.  There is no apparent "recirculate" feature
> in this system, so I don't think it could have been that (or is that somehow
> done automatically?).  I had to open the windows (outside temp: 29 deg)
> while hunching over to see thru the only clear spot on the windshield ( 2
> inches high just above the defroster vent).  Even after the fog was gone, if
> I didn't keep a window slightly open or the fog would return.

My initial question is, why weren't you using the "defrost" setting? ... there 
is a recirculate function in the CC, you just don't have direct control over 
it ... IME this problem is due to a problem with the recirculate door being 
stuck in the recirc position.  There is an Audi Tech Bulletin about the servo 
for the recirc door breaking loose from the mount and the return spring break-
ing.  I have a copy of the bulletin at home, but if you call Linda@Carlsen 
she'll fax it to you.  As I recall the parts cost ~$30 to repair.  I had a 
similar problem occur when the thermostat broke in the open position when I 
was driving on the freeway on a +30F night.  The engine cooled down to the 
point where the water temp was at the lower operating point and I couldn't 
get anything more than lukewarm air out of the vents.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'78 Fox GTI 4+5
'83 QTC
'88 5kCSTQW
'92 k1