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modified S4 (Hoppen) for sale

Okay, guys.  Now understand...I really ant this car but he wife wants that
new Dodge van (whcih got sold out from under me yesterday afternoon...). 
It's a '93 S4 with serious Jo Hoppen mods that I need to get some info on. 
Considering the likelihood of me pulling this off, if anyone else is
interested, let me know and I'll get you a number.

pearl/black, 28K miles
Speedline wheels, Yoko's (need replacement)
lowered w/ springs and Bilstein gas shocks...what springs does Hoppen use?
"chipped" (modified ECU) w/ stronger WG spring
manifold work (intake extrude honing??)
modified performance SS exhaust/muffler
larger turbo (RS2/K26???)
300+ hp (....maybe closer to 400...")

What is the likely output?? I'd guess 305 or so, but I don't know what
Hoppen does with the manifold.  May have had head work, too.  Got to find
out about that.  Again, what does Hoppen do in this regard?

Asking price.....$33.9K

Wish I had time to search the archives....  Let me know what you think,


Stephen A. Marinello, Ph.D.
Newpark Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 6411 - Metairie, LA 70009