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Hi-beam switch going bad?

Model: 1988 90Q...

Now that things have gotten colder, the high-beam light on the dash is
coming on.  While following someone else, I did notice that the high-beams
are coming on (and probably freaking out people in front of me).  While
this is annoying for me, it's also illegal.

In addition, the driving lights, which normally shut off when my high-beams
are on, still stay on when the high-beams go on.  Possibly too much load on
relays or wiring??

Anyway, anyone have a similar experience?  Know how to fix it?  Fiddling
with the turn-signal seems to make them come on or turn off more
frequently, and it seems to go away when the interior of the car warms up.
The temp here is about 29 deg F, but last year they got into the minus
digits with no problems.

If it is the turn-signal combo switch, how much is this monster?  <he says,
squinting his eyes and preparing for the shock...>


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