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Re: National Speed Limits Repealed

> >Anyway - for those of you in the midwestern states - congrats.  I hear
> >Montana and North Dakoda are lifting daytime rural limits  in 10 days -
> As I understand it - they will have NO SPEED LIMIT in rural Montana!

I just watched my 6:30pm local news about how local residents react to 
the speed-up. Of course, law-enforcement officials are against it (those 
match-heads!) saying it'll cause more severe accidents because people 
couldn't take it (and he is right -- he didn't say MORE accidents; he 
just said more SEVERE accidents -- but I bet most people who were 
watching this would translate his word into more accidents...).

Then the reporter forcuses on a dude (sales rep) who drives a Pontiac 
SSEEEiiii (whatever) does around 100 miles daily, and that he welcomes 
the speed up. One vote for pro.

THEN, the reporter focuses on an air head (from what he wears, a 
rancher/farm type of dude) driving a shiny beeg RAMMM pickup. Of course, he 
said he is now scared that speed is going up. He then points about how 
bad the accidents in high speed and more accidents to come, all the 
while stuttering. One vote for con.

I coul... forget it.

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