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S4, Jo Hoppen

Found what I was looking for.  Dont know if this is the car referenced 
earlier, but here are some highlights:

Called a JoHoppen Motorsport S4

2 high performance computer mods available:
	a 300hp for 92 octane fuel
	a 340hp for 103 octance fuel

a "straight flow" sport exhaust manifold

a "sport" turbo to replace the factory item to ". . .address the need for 
an aggressive turbo at the low end of the horsepower curve."

Factory dual cat converters retained

ABT "free flowing" muffler that gives the Hoppen S4 a "Porsche sound."

6 speed transmission.  3rd, 4th, & 5th in the 6 speed cover the same 
range as the stock 3rd & 4th gears.  "By keeping the stock top gear and 
the stock final drive, the European Autobahn hertiage is retained."

Pagid yellow (endurance) brake pads.  Also tested were the 
silver(ceramic) pads and they "dramatically improved the car's stopping 
power, but this peak performance lasted for only about three hot laps."
The car apparently had an "executive" suspension package, sort of a 
de-tuned Sachs/Eibach rce package.  It was a Bilstein/ABT setup.  The 
setup lowers the front end about 1"

5 spoke, 17" ABT wheels, ABT rear wing.

This comes from an article in the winter '94 Quattro Quarterly, written 
by Steve Beddor.

Hope this helps.

Bill Murin

PS:  Obviously I want one.  Better yet, I'll take the A4 with enhancement 
like this.