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Re: Types of tires

In a message dated 95-11-29 18:48:30 EST, you write:

>1. Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico
Toys, neat idea, but where's the beef, apples to oranges, they look cool if
you take the Eibach marketing approach ......

Apples to apples, and a good comparo:
>2. Dunlop SP-8000
Got 'em.....  Tread wear is better than the AVS (and expected) and it
outhandles the AVS wet or dry, and are as quiet, less sideroll in heavy
cornering, almost a race tire for the street.......
>3. Yokohama AVS-Intermediate
Had 'em.....  Thought they'd make a great auto-x tire/street tire.....  they
are scary in the wet, and are ok in the dry.....  I would even take the
D40M2's before these tho, when the tread gets thin so does the margin for
driver error......