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B to B & other question

       I don't know who asked this question or whether it was answered, but yes
, there was a "Limited Edition" 4000CS quattro, I believe in '87.  It was of a
limited production run of like 1000 cars, and had pearl white paint, and lipsti
ck red leather interior.  I believe some (coupes anyways) had the digital dash.
They also had pearl painted factory wheels.  They look pretty sweet!

        I also discovered last year that there was a special "Peter Gregg Editi
on" 4000CS quattro, put out by Brumos dealerships (the main one in Jacksonville
) to commemorate Peter Gregg who died in a car accident earlier that year, and
who started Brumos dealerships/racing.  One of these was also entered in the On
e Lap of America by Brumos that year.  They were white, and had Reccaro leather
seats, Nardi steering wheel, Ansa exhaust, BBS wheels, KYB shocks and springs,
and I think a few more hp.  They can be noted by the "Cannonball 012" insignias
on the rear trunk lid of the car.  The one I saw had Brock Yates signature on t
he trunklid also.

        Just for your information....                      Later,