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Re: B to B & other question

>In '85, there was no CS.  There was the 4000s, and the 4000s Quattro.  In 
>'86 they had the 4000CS (or was the fwd just the s in '86?), the 4000CS 
>Quattro, and the funky "special edition" which had white paint and a 
>maroon leather interior (hey, it was the eighties).  Same in '87, less 
>the s.e.

I had a '86 4KCS - It had leather wrapped wheel, leather & swade (s.p.?) seats.
It was trashed by an uninsured driver.  They did have a "Special Build" in '87a
friend has one.  I'm not sure what was special about it but I think the painted
mirrors and quattro cloth interior were some of them.

Robert Bauer
'88 80q