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No Subject

Dear Sir/Madam,

        I am an amateur Audi enthusiast, and I am writing here, hoping if
you could give me some kind of advice to solve my problem.  
        About a year ago, I have purchased an Audi 100S (1992 model) from a
dealer in New York.  It has been mechanically perfect and has always been a
reliable and fun to drive car, but right now I am experiencing a problem
with the radiator fan.  
        One cold evening I have turned on the ignition and realized that
there is some kind of weird (and annoying) constant high toned noise coming
out from the radiator fan.  For sure, it is not coming out from the engine,
but it makes such a loud noise that I can still here it from the driver's
seat with all the windows closed.  The car drives fine just like before,
and it has 41000 miles on the odometer.  
        Because right now I live a long way from home (Chicago), and
because I am a little tight on budget (The warranty has already expired,
and my friends tell me that parts/services for Audi are expensive) I would
like to repair it myself (if possible) without having my car to stay at the
authorized Audi service center.
        If you could give me any advice in regards to this problem, I would
appreciate it very much.  In advance, I would like to thank you for your
attention to this matter.

                Yours Sincerely,

                                Christopher Kanematsu