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Re: Bentley electrics

Joe says:
PS I'm not bashing Bentley (well, not really), I think they're the best car
manual published and everyone who works on their own VW/Audi should buy one.

Joe - agree that everyone working on an Audi needs one, but
no way are they the best manual published. Like you say, they
don't always reflect reality. They also have some pretty
glaring omissions (e.g., blower housing R&R) on things that,
for over $100, damn well ought to be there. Better than
average, still.

The best? Mazda holds that honor, absolutely. Their manuals
are accurate to the minutest detail, and have outstanding
diagrams and procedure descriptions. They also have extremely
detailed descriptions of the engine management system - far,
far beyond other manuals even attempt. Makes Bentley look
like Chiltons.

Eric T.     '86 5kS