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V8Q front pads.....

Well,  Last night I put in the new front Repco M/Ms on my 90 V8 with the 
"External Girling calipers".  Started to panic when the connectors for
the low pad brake light were different!!!!!. DDDOooohhhhhh, Called 
Arlyn Strano, bless her heart she was still there at 6:00pm,  she  
inform me if I want the ones with the correct connector I have to go to 
the dealer and pay $250.- for the set.  NOT.  So a splicing I went.......:-( 

The brake pedal has come up a little when braking now, but it still
kinda feels low in comparison to my old 89 100.  

To all yuse other V8 owners, how far down does the pedal go before
you get any brakes ?  1" ? 1-1/2" ?  I'm going probably an inch
anyways.  If I'm whining here and this is normal you guys can yell at me
and I'll calm myself :-)

Eventually I'll get used to my new car and relax :-)

Hope everybody got their faxes today for the R&T article, the Cell Phone
book and Radio :-)  Oh the radio,  does anybody feel like faxing me the
AUDI/BOSE radio guide ?  The one with the bass button that pulls out
for the fader.

If yes,  This is the number 603-881-5467.

Thanks in advance :-)

Mike L.
89 100 Avant
90 V8Q with the front pads :-)