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Re: Hi-beam switch going bad?

Brett recently posted:

>They're reaaallll expensive-the one for my 5kCST costs about $200.

        I just got BLAUfergnugen's latest "flyer" a couple of days ago, and
they had the whole assembly for a lot less than $200.00. $129.00 I think. I
don't have the "flyer" here at the office, but their phone # is 800-683-2834.
They seem to be very nice folk, and if you belong to the QCUSA they may give
you a discount, but don't quote me on that one. Another good bet might be Peter
at AudiOnly, he's on the list and a really good fellow who helped me out a week
or so ago, but I have lost his E-mail address. All the ususal disclaimers



I recomend spraying some form of lubricant into the orifices of these 
assemblies to lube the friction points where they fail. These assemblies
are one of the weak links in these Audis.