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Re: The pulley

>Let me clarify my "pulley" situation a little bit. The notch is broken off
>the pulley, but I did pull it apart and align the pulley where the notch
>should be. The pulley is on flush and I torqued the bolt with a 1/2" bar
>breaker bar and a 3' pipe REAL tight. So I think it's on there correctly (if
>you discount my initial mistake). Someone else said they would rather go a
>little tight on the timing belt rather than loose. I definitely leaned
>towards the loose side which I am hoping is my noise and I just need to
>re-tension the belt a little bit....

Just how does one break a woodruff key that can handle over 6000psi?  The 
lower crank pully has nothing to do with timing belt tension.  The 
Woodruff key is there for a reason to prevent the crank from turning 
while the cam  is'nt.  THe MC motor is a Interference engine, Meaning 
your heading for a BIG buck repair.  Stop driving the car and fix the 
problem.  As Scott said: LIKE NOW!


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com