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Re: 4kcsq spcl ed (was: B to B & oth

> I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with you. I personally have 
> one of the 87' S.E.'s, the build date is 3/87 and I don't have the 
> "knock" motor (wish I did though).

I dug out the package I received from Audi to double-check what it said and
noticed that it refers to the cars with the NG motors as "1987-1/2" models.
FWIT, both of my '87 5ks (sedan and wagon) have the 130hp motor in them but
I also know of several others that came with 110hp motors ... Audi's famous
for making running changes during a model year (and documenting them poorly
to boot, much to the annoyance of parts people everywhere) and this appears
to be yet another example.

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