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Re: The pulley

In a message dated 95-11-30 20:02:38 EST, you write:

>... just a minute ... are we talking about the pulley/balancer that bolts
>on the end of the crankshaft?  As I recall the only pulleys that are on 
>the removable part are the ones that connect to the accessories, at least
>that's the way it was on my '83.  The teeth for the cam belt were not a
>part that came off with the pulley.  If all he did was to break the flat
>extension that engages the pulley I don't think that there would be that
>much danger of munching valves into pistons ... but then things may have
>changed between the '83 and the newer cars.
The later cars have the two parts attached with bonded rubber, Steve, and
they are not supposed to separate, and I would guess if they did you would
never get them back together.......   The keyway is prolly ok in it's
"broken" state, though I would disassemble it and smear a whole tube of
loctite on the bolt and the bolt-washer-pulley mating surface, to be extra
retentive, and make sure that you are getting the proper monster torque on
that thing (and his post reflected a guess at the torque, and putting the
opposing "torque in that range is an interesting breaking proposition, me, I
bought the tools used from Zalinda)
>The specified tightness in the Bentley is the cam belt is tightened to the
>point where you can rotate the belt 90 degrees in the middle of the long
>section (from water pump to cam?), which isn't that tight. 
This is true for the 5k's, and just about any belt driven cam, and an easy
spec to test...... 
The other option is to get a replacement pulley from a yard, any 5k app
should work, then there isn't that nagging MacGuyver nightmare when you hear
strange noises.....