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Pulley/Timing belt

Thanks to everyone that responded to my problem (blunder) with my
pulley/timing belt. Here's an update...I adjusted the belt a little tighter
last night (it had stretched) and my noise went away. I double checked it,
and it is tightened per the 90 degree rule. So, I am left with what would
appear to be a good job except for my missing notch off the crankshaft
pulley. I managed to break this by tapping (you can't get a hammer in there)
it into the shaft, pulling it off and doing it again. I didn't take the
pulley apart, it came off in one piece. I have gotten some mixed reviews on
whether to pull this all apart and replace the pulley. I used Loctite and as
I mentioned, tightened the bolt as hard as I could (I don't have a torque
wrench that will go as high as 250lbs, so yes I am guessing). You have
enlightened me that this is an interference engine, so it's probably the
safe thing to do, but is there any condition that would cause the Crankshaft
to spin independently of the Camshaft (other than the belt breaking ?)
Thanks again....

Bob Dunne
'90 200T