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Re: 4kcsq spcl ed (was: B to B & oth

> Hmmmm, can you legally put the 2.3 in your '86 or, is finding an '87
> with a feb or later build date to match the letter Jeffery has sufficiant.

Updating or backdating as you're suggesting is only legal in Street Prepared
and not Stock ... however, assuming he converted a regular '87 4kq so it was
identical in EVERY respect to those '87s that came with an NG motor directly
from the factory, it would be legal.  He just can't start with an '86 4kq if
he wants to stay in HS instead of moving to DSP...

BTW, the documentation I was sent also shows that a/c was a standard feature
on ALL 4kqs and NOT optional as Steve claims he was told by somebody at Audi
earlier this year before he removed his.  I sure hope he got this in writing
so he doesn't have any problems in impound.  The main reason I decided to go
to EP is because I had the ports on my head bead-blasted when it was rebuilt
and this was found to be grounds to disqualify a car in CSP at the Nationals
this year ... they sure are getting picky about things these days (it wasn't
that long ago when you could get away with all kinds of funny stuff ... just
ask STEADIRIC about some of the Datsun Z-cars he used to run against!).

That said, I'm looking forward to next year ... including the guys in Kansas
with their EP 4kq (with whom I spoke yesterday) and another guy I know of in
California who is preparing an '84 4kq for DSP, it looks like there could be
as many as FOUR Audis in three different classes at the 1996 Nationals!  I'm
hoping we all manage to come home with trophies (and that mine is just a bit
larger than all the rest, if you know what I mean ... wink, wink).

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