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A/C "freezes up"

Fellow illustrious Audi-philes:

I think the gremlins have found my car. I thought by parking it in my
garage... it would be out of sight. Guess not. Here's what they have done...

Yesterday, I was driving along on the highway, on a 3-hour journey, and I
decided to run the A/C to get it going during these cold winter months (ya
know... get the oil and freon running through the system to maintain it...),
and of course... nothing. I push the button in, and nothing happens. No green
"on" light... nothing!!

So, then when I stop for a coffee... and re-start it... I try it again.
Again, nothing.

Then, later... after it warmed up a bit...(the outside temperature that is),
when I got in and started driving again, this time it worked!!!

Next day (today) ...I had a similar experience. However, it only really
happened once today. And when I pulled in my driveway... it was still

Very ODD indeed. But I noticed that it only seemed to happen when it was very
cold out (in the low 30's F, and especially lower with wind chills at 70-80
mph on the highway).
As strange a question as this may sound... did Audi put in some kind of
temperature sensor that disallows the use of A/C in low outside temperatures?
I only ask such a crazy question because they do put in some
quirky/unique/ingenious gizmos in our cars.

Or is this intermittent problem just a visit by the gremlins... taunting me
to make a donation to the Gods?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I know I don't need the A/C for a few
months, but if I have to pay the Gods, I'd like to know in advance if



(Oh, BTW, any listmember here with a black A6 quattro with Maine license
plates JWI-1? Just curious... if so, I was the one, with MA plate J-GRIFF, on
the Maine turnpike with you today (12/01)....Yeah... I was the non-quattro
:-(  guy who had to exercise a bit more caution passing in the left,
snow-covered lane....ie. D*MN, I KNEW I should have bought the quattro!! )
                      Jim Griffin
                        '92 100S
          Titanium Grey/Black Leather

       A                U         D             I
       ccelerate   nless   eath is    mminent